Automated Essay Writing Program Released – Essay Title

A new free website, uses a logic based program to automatically generate the precise organizational pattern applicable to any expository or “proof” paper. The user simply enters the title, a statement of what he wishes to prove and three reasons why this fact is true. If the user needs help finding these reasons, a Google link is provided. Then, with a click, the program generates the basic five paragraph essay form. It gives the user the paragraphs of introduction and conclusion, as well as the topic sentence and clincher statement for each paragraph of the body of the essay. The only thing the user does is give three reasons why the auto-generated topic sentences are true. Should a longer paper be needed, a click will turn this into a 17 paragraph essay. Use of the program is not limited to students, but has business applications as well. It is a quick way to organize a presentation as to why you should get a raise or ways to improve productivity. The program gives the reader, or listener, an exact and organized message. The program has been successfully taught to seven year old children, learning disabled students, high school, college, post graduate students, as well as, business executives and employees. Successful because the process remains the same. All that changes is the level of complexity of the user. The Easy Essay contains a five minute demo, a long form tutorial, and a compose section. The auto-generated statements are color-coded so that the user can easily see how they were formulated. The Paper Manager function can automatically convert the work to an outline or into paragraph form. The user then can restate the generated sections and have a well organized essay or presentation.

Teaches the user how to organize and write an essay while it does all of the organization for him and most of the writing. And it’s free.

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