I am sure that you know the purpose of a classification essay. While writing a classification essay, you will have to think of a bigger problem, divide it into the categories, which allows you to make the analysis of the issue.

Perhaps all the students have a problem of finding a proper place in the classroom. Actually, the choice of your place will depend on the purposes that you are pursuing. Thus, in your classification essay you can classify those purposes and define the best place in the classroom that will help you to achieve your purpose.

Your purpose is not being called on in the class

It is not a secret that everybody who does not want to participate in the class discussions or who avoids to answer some tricky questions, sit in the back row. This is the best place in the classroom if you do not want being called on.

Actually, all the professors know the reason why some students prefer to sit in the back row. And I should say that the professors do not have a positive attitude to these students. Thus, if you want to sit in the back row and do not want to be considered a slacker, you should pretend doing something important.

Pretend that you are taking some significant notes from the professor’s words.

  • Pretend that you are looking for some information in your textbook
  • Pretend that you are sick. You can start coughing and sniveling.
  • Your purpose is to show your knowledge

Definitely in this case you should sit in the front row but you should do it if you are absolutely sure of your knowledge. Raise your hand, ask and answer the questions, participate in all the discussions.

However, there is another option. Your knowledge of the subject is not that perfect but still you do not want your professor to find this out. In this case you can also sit in the front row but it is better just nod your head as a sign of your agreement with the professor’s words. From time to time you can give some cues.

Your purpose is not to attract attention of the professor but let him/her know that you are in the class

For this purpose the central and the side seats are your best choice. Here you will find the students who do not lay claim to be the academic stars nor they can be called a grey mass of loafers. What is more, if the professor stands at the center of a classroom, it is more likely that he/she will not pay much attention to what is happening at the sides of a classroom.